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You spend a lot of money on exercise equipment, invest in it to make it last.  Many people do not perform preventative maintenance when their equipment is under warranty.  Inevitably problems occur right after the warranty expires.  Many times these problems could've been prevented if the unit was maintained regularly.

Avoid Liability

If manufacturers recommended maintenance schedules are not followed, you could be held solely liable if an accident occurs.  Regular maintenance helps to recognize, and address potential problems that could end up costing you everything.  Let us help prevent an accident that could have been prevented.
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When bearings, running belts, and bushings are not lubed it causes premature wear that shortens the lifespan of them.  It also can harm other components as well.  Let us make sure that your equipment is running as efficiently as possible.
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avoid downtime

There's nothing more inconvenient than your exercise equipment being down.  It takes you out of your routine.  If you are a gym owner your members our relentless in complaining about "Out of Order" signs.  It also looks bad to potential new members.  Limit your exposure to these eye sores.  Call us!
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